Thursday, 29 October 2009

Taylor Swift and "Nazi Boy"

Taylor Swift, hugging some guy with a nazi symbol....? WTF???

Taylor was at katy Perry's party when this photo was taken with this man nick named "Nazi Boy" (real name AJ English)

Lets examine whether or not Taylor is a racist.

- She is taking pictures and dancing with a boy with a swastika on his shirt
- She didnt seem to care he was wearing it.
- She has a JH on her dress which MAY stand for Jew Hater....

-She was probably so drunk she would take a picture and dance with anyone
-Maybe the boy and her aren't racist, they were just looking for publicity
-She maybe didn't notice he was wearing it
-She might have been so drunk she didn't notice
-She might not know what it means
-The JH probably stands for Julianne Hough since Julianne had a TS on her....

Casing point, Taylor swift is pretty much proven innocent...

Wow, Taylor swift, doing that, you never would of thought.... She probably isnt racist though, as we just said....

Comment on this controvesy....

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