Thursday, 29 October 2009

Taylor S talks date with Taylor L

Taylor was recently on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She talked about Fearless, Stevie Wonder, then Twilight Saga Star Taylor Lautner. Ellen Asked Taylor questions about her rumoured relationship with the 17 year old actor.
The link to watch the whole video is here:

My personal favourite bit:
ELLEN - is he a good kisser?
TAYLOR - *giggles* what?

Do you think Taylor S and Taylor L are together. Bearing in mind she is older than him... I am a HUGE Lautner fan so i am a bit (alot) jealous.
My problem is, Lautner used to date Selena.... who is mates with Swift...
Isnt that a bit akward for the girls?

What do you think?????

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