Thursday, 29 October 2009

Eclipse finished filming.

So, its official, Eclipse has finished shooting. Are you excited? It finished at 4.30am (US time)
David Slade, btw, is the Eclipse director.

OMG! I am a huge Twi-fan (twilight fan) so i am TRES (very - in french) excited.

Since we are on this subject i would like to do some free advertising for some sites (maybe they will return the favour)

Twilight Sites - Letters To Twilight - a hilarios blog
Bella and Edward - For the info
Confessions of a twicrack addict - Info, but an english site.
Stephenie Meyer - she doesnt update often, but it is her official site

Gossip Sites - Ocean Up
Gossip Teen
Pop Sugar
My bliss

Um thats it.

Keep Reading, Emmy xox

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